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i18n and more

From: ;)
Subject: i18n and more
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 11:23:09 +0300

hi community! i need your help.


i have a problem with gnustep and i18n on my linux system. when i set
LANG & LC_ALL variables to something western, everything works fine, but
when i set them to something cyrillic or don't set at all, i often get
this error message:

NSCharacterConversionException: Can't get cString from Unicode string.

i have seen this message from GWorkspace that can't start at all when
LANG & LC_ALL are set to something cyrillic (but displays cyrillic
filenames correctly when these variables set to something western and it
starts) and from GNUMail when i tried to save a message in KOI8-R
encoding to drafts folder, even if the message contained only ascii

i want to know is this a bug or a feature or something misconfigured in
my system and how do i outfight that. i don't have any ideas what
additional information about my system should i report, so please ask


since GWorkspace does not have its own mailing lists (afaik), i ask this
question here: is it possible to get Window Maker menu when Desktop is

thank you in advance!


sex, drugs, open source!
      lfs user #13656

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