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Still having image problems

From: Graham J Lee
Subject: Still having image problems
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 16:31:24 +0100


I'm still having problems with GNUstep on my Ultra-5 running SunOS 5.7, in that applications don't seem able to display images and the following is logged in their stead [the first line is from debug code it was recommended I insert into NSImage.m functionrepd_for_rep():

2004-08-31 14:06:31.000 EasyDiff[1896] _reps () 0
2004-08-31 14:06:31.000 EasyDiff[1896] NSImage: compositeToPoint:fromRect:operation: failed due to NSInternalInconsistencyException: Cannot find stored representation

the following messages are also logged when an app starts up:

-bash-3.00$ openapp ./
2004-08-31 14:06:30.000 EasyDiff[1896] NOTE: Only one display per host fully supported.
2004-08-31 14:06:30.000 EasyDiff[1896] XIM: '(null)' is not supported
2004-08-31 14:06:30.000 EasyDiff[1896] Unable to initialize XIM, using standard keyboard events

Just to recap on my configuration, I'm trying to use GNUstep from CVS, and have mv'ed the system libtiff such that it is not being seen by the linker; libtiff 3.6.1 is instead being used.

If the GNUstep project does not have a Solaris 7 machine on which to test, I could gladly donate something like an Ultra 1 or Ultra 5 for the purpose as I really could do with GNUstep/Solaris to allow me to finally retire my dependence on OPENSTEP machines, although if between us we can get it working on my existing box then the need for doing so is obviated.


Graham Lee
UNIX Systems Manager

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