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Re: Where are Camaelon themes ?

From: Jean Parpaillon
Subject: Re: Where are Camaelon themes ?
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2004 14:20:30 +0100

Thank you for your quick answer !
I am a young computer ingeneer and I 'd like to help in gnustep development. 
Maybe do you need help ? How can I help you ?
I actually work on J2EE platform. I know well oo programming through Java but I 
never developped with obj-c nor the gnustep framework. I've been told it's easy 
to get into it ;)
Tell me if there's something I could do...

Thanks, Jean Parpaillon

On 2004-09-06 14:14:20 +0200 Nicolas Roard <> wrote:
> Le 6 sept. 04, à 10:42, Jean Parpaillon a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> Where are the themes the screenshots are on the gnustep wiki. The Camaelon 
>> archive does not contains any other theme than the GNUStep default one, it 
>> seems.
> The screenshots on the wiki are just copy of the ones on my website: 
> ... which are just "in-the-work" screenshots and not available separate 
> themes for the moment, sadly.
> Camaelon 0.1 was just a release as a proof of concept of how themes 
> could/will be done.
> I am actually working on the 0.2 release that will effectively implement a 
> real theme support (in that you'll have separate themes bundles,
> Camaelon itself will just be here to provide some help/automatic things for 
> themes creators).
> I expect a release in a couple of weeks, hopefully (not sure though, as i'm 
> away at the moment and I'll probably have some busy
> days when I come back next week... but I'll try to release a preview of the 
> full themes system anyway).
> In the meantime, you could want to play with the last Camaelon preview (but 
> still without any themes handling mechanism,
>   it just directly replace the current GNUstep theme by another one). That's 
> on .

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