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Re: GNU Objective-C runtime questions

From: Sébastien Pierre
Subject: Re: GNU Objective-C runtime questions
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 09:00:42 +0100

Le 9 déc. 04, à 04:24, Adam Fedor a écrit :

- objc_getClassList
- objc_addClass

These operations are present in Apple Objc runtime.

There are similar functions in the GNU runtime. Note that GNUstep implements compatibility runtime functions that work on both Apple and GNU runtimes. See the GNUstepBase/GSObjCRuntime.h header in gnustep-base. At the very least you will be able to see how to implement the equivalent functionality with the GNU runtime.

In this file, I notice that the "GS_EXPORT void GSObjCAddClasses(NSArray *classes);" method could be split into an "GSObjCAddClass" and an "GSObjcAddClasses".

For the moment, I have to create an NSArray with only one classe to add it, which is not really efficient. Would you consider adding a "GSObjCAddClass" method ?


 -- Sébastien

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