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Re: GNU Objective-C runtime questions

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Re: GNU Objective-C runtime questions
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 20:35:40 -0700

On Dec 10, 2004, at 1:00 AM, Sébastien Pierre wrote:

In this file, I notice that the "GS_EXPORT void GSObjCAddClasses(NSArray *classes);" method could be split into an "GSObjCAddClass" and an "GSObjcAddClasses".

For the moment, I have to create an NSArray with only one classe to add it, which is not really efficient. Would you consider adding a "GSObjCAddClass" method ?

I think the interface is that way because it is better in general (at least for GNU) to insert a number of classes at once. The new function you propose would be little more than what you would have to do to put a class into and array. But you can always submit a bug/feature request on the gnustep project page

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