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Re: Problem with SQLClient

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: Problem with SQLClient
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 18:16:31 +0000

On 15 Dec 2004, at 12:25, Käck Tim wrote:

Hi Richard,

Strangely enough, I doesn't help:

  db = [SQLClient clientWithConfiguration: nil name: @"test"];
  [db setDebugging: 0];
  [db setDurationLogging:  -1];
  NSLog(@"Logging level is now: %@", [db durationLogging]);
  NSLog(@"Debuggings is now: %@", [db debugging]);

Gives the following:

2004-12-15 13:07:24.000 SQLTest[8230] Logging level is now: (nil)
2004-12-15 13:07:24.000 SQLTest[8230] Debuggings is now: (nil)
2004-12-15 13:07:24.000 SQLTest[8230] The current database name is:test --> This ok. This is a NSLog call
2004-12-15 13:07:25.000 SQLTest[8230] k type:253 size: 5 val:hello
2004-12-15 13:07:25.000 SQLTest[8230] char1 type:254 size: 1 val:X
2004-12-15 13:07:25.000 SQLTest[8230] intval type:3 size: 1 val:1
2004-12-15 13:07:25.000 SQLTest[8230] realval type:5 size: 4 val:9.99
2004-12-15 13:07:25.000 SQLTest[8230] b type:252 size: 256 val:

Thanks ... that was enough to track the problem down to an error in the mySQL bundle. I' have committed a fix to CVS, so if you update from CVS and build (and *install*) that fix, the problem should go away. I emphasise 'install', since the offending code is in a loadable bundle, and if you test without actually having installed that bundle you may
be loading the previously installed bundle.

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