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GNUstep autogsdoc

From: Thomas Gamper
Subject: GNUstep autogsdoc
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 14:08:19 +0100


I have some questions reguarding the autogsdoc tool. I am using your tool to
generate documentation for a large software project at the Technical
University of Vienna. The software I'm talking about consists of a large set
of libraries written in Objective-C. I was able to generate documentation
separately for each of the libraries, but I failed to index the documentation
I created for other libraries. In detail: I generate documentation for the
base library called libObjective using

autogsdoc -Project libObjective  -MakeFrames YES -DocumentationDirectory
~/arthtml/libObjective  *.h

then I generate documentation for the next library, libNode,using autogsdoc
-Project libNode -Projects ~/arthtml/libObjective/libObjective.igsdoc
-MakeFrames YES -DocumentationDirectory ~/arthtml/libNode  *.h

But there is no hyperlink between classes in libNode and their superclasses in
libObjective. What am I doing wrong?

Another question: AGSHtml does not support <prjref> tags, are you planning to
add support for them or not?

Thomas Gamper

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