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The Darwin/PPC build process

From: Graham J Lee
Subject: The Darwin/PPC build process
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 00:58:22 +0000

OK, this para got written last. Down there I've noted anything that went wrong while I was compiling GNUstep for Darwin/PPC so that fixes/docfixes/whatever can be considered. Hope this isn't too rude of me ;) or too long. But Apps won't launch, and I hope someone can tell me where it went wrong. My System is a 500MHz G4 AGP tower, 768MB RAM, OS X 10.3.7 (Darwin 7.7). Currently, security update 2005-001 isn't installed (I mention this because it patches libxml2)

Just some thoughts I'm writing down as I go...

gcc-3.4.3 builds, but libobjc.a didn't get created
find /usr/local/fsf [<-- my --prefix=] -name '*objc*' -print

Get gcc-3.3.2, as it's used in the README.Darwin
make bootstrap fails - cannot find c++filt3
cd /usr/bin; sudo ln -s c++filt c++filt3 *mentioned in connection with Darwin/x86, but not Darwin PPC after this, all works. libobjc *is* created so link it to libobjc.dylib. [BTW, this seems like a kludge; is there some other way to register the library?]

core/make fine; libffi (from pyobjc) fine;
core/base GSXML.m fails using the recommended configure invocation in the README, but *works* with './configure CC=/usr/local/fsf/bin/gcc' core/gui misses jpeglib -> go back --with-jpeg-library --with-jpeg-include OK
core/back --enable-graphics=art OK

OK, so now I make dev-apps/EasyDiff (works fine), make install (fine again), openapp and...SIGTRAP. Nice. I've attached the backtrace. Sorry about the rude filename, it's late....

BTW, if I configure core/back with xlib, it works fine. So I'm not critically worried about this bug, but of course anything that gets fixed is a plus :-)



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