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Re: FreeBSD 5.3 setup help

From: LD
Subject: Re: FreeBSD 5.3 setup help
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 21:13:33 +1100

Hi there,

On 03/02/2005, at 6:31 AM, Alex Perez wrote:

Yes, which, at the current moment, has a bug which makes *IT* dependent on /proc.
As far as I know, this was fixed long ago, Chris. Maybe you've been checked out for a while from active GNUstep development, or maybe I'm wrong, but I think Pascal fixed this. He did a lot of stuff to get GNUstep working more properly under FreeBSD.

Forgive me for attempting to bring this discussion back to its <cough> original sentiment :-) Would I be wrong assuming that this type of technical discussion is better served by {discuss-gnustep,gnustep-dev}

i.e., is this list not a "place for users and installers of GNUstep to ask for help"

Either way, what I'm interested in finding out is whether there are any suggestions people might have for adjusting the Makefile(s) for FreeBSD ports so that GNUstep will install smoothly without this /proc problem.


with regards,

Lachlan Deck

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