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Re: Distributing gnustep-based software

From: Sébastien Pierre
Subject: Re: Distributing gnustep-based software
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2005 19:47:46 +0100

Le 4 févr. 05, à 19:37, Gregory John Casamento a écrit :

All but #1. I'm confused, however, first you want avoid installing GNUstep
altogther (by linking with it statically), and then you want to install
GNUstep, even if the user currently has GNUstep, but you don't want to
interfere with thier installation of it.

Well, this was based on the fact that Richard told that there are some resources on which GNUstep relies -- which implied that a standalone binary was not quite possible.

Wouldn't it be easier to simply tell the user that your program requires GNUstep and point them to the appropriate directions for installing it on their

Sure, it may be easier. It's just that I wanted to link most of the libraries I use statically, and don't force people to install GNUstep, for just one app, that doesn't even really use GNUstep very deeply.


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