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Re: unable to contact <anything>

From: Samuel Hornus
Subject: Re: unable to contact <anything>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 18:15:55 +0100 wrote:
> I just installed GNUstep on my machine, but whenever an application
> tries to start another application, it simply waits and then pops up
> the "Unable to contact ..." alert window.
> for example, in the workspace, it cant contact "Operation", when I try
> to delete files, or it I try to show the Recycler window, same thing.
> Likewise in project center, it cant start interface builder.
> gdomap and it's friends all seem to be running, tracing the process I
> see that workspace is contacting gdomap, and it's responding, but
> thats about where I lose it, I'm not sure who is supposed to start
> the application and how.  it sure seems like who ever is responsible
> for starting the app cant find it... but I'm just speculating
> anyone have any ideas what I should look for or check?

Try to launch the contacted app manually before (e.g., the Inspector, etc...)
(with double-click or openapp).

Also, check your firewall.
Samuel Hornus

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