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Re: Problems building gnustep-base on cygwin

From: Volker Hilsenstein
Subject: Re: Problems building gnustep-base on cygwin
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 10:56:07 +1000

Hi Adam,

> > For the time being, is there a way to work around the problem ?
> > Does it only affect the cygwin platform ?
> >
> Yes, most likely, in the GNUmakefile (ProjectCenter/Library), you can
> add to the LIBRARIES_DEPEND_UPON line:
> ProjectCenter_LIBRARIES_DEPEND_UPON += -lgnustep-gui -lgnustep-base
> -lobjc

Thanks again. Unfortunately, ProjectCenter doesn't compile, even after
applying your
suggested changes to the makefile. I still get the same "undefined
reference" errors.


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