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problem with gorm and gworkspace

From: reuss
Subject: problem with gorm and gworkspace
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 01:53:11 GMT
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I downloaded sources from cvs.
In Gorm, my problem is that in the application's window, half of the
iconbar is covered by the windowbar (menubar? the line with the X sign on
top of windows). Is it a problem of windowmaker? Or some defaults
settings (until that, it worked fine)?
Everything compiled just fine, but when I start it in the app directory,
that is a "segmentation fault".
here is the openapp message: 
openapp: could not contact application: (null)
(btw, I made "make install")
Is it a compiler issue? I have gcc-3.0. ProjectCenter won't compile with
this, it seems. Neither GWorkspace?
thanks for any clue
ps. gnustep is very nice. thanks for the developers!

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