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help request for nsconnection

From: Reuss András
Subject: help request for nsconnection
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2005 13:15:03 +0200

I would like to do a server with clients.
My concept is the following:
1. client connects to server
2. client gets serverconnection
3. server returns an initialized bundle object (an other one for each user)
4. client sends request to this very initialized bundle object (remote)

My problem is the point 3:
if I interrogate the bundle object (remote) that is returned by the server, both the server and client crashes with
"NSPortTimeoutException: invalidated while awaiting reply" message.

I am sure have make some mistake, but what?
How can the client communicate this bundle object (remote) that returns "NSDistantObject" for the [remote class] method?

Thanks for any clue, I am totally stuck at this point.

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