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Re: help request for nsconnection

From: reuss
Subject: Re: help request for nsconnection
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2005 14:41:11 +0200
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Reuss András wrote:
> I would like to do a server with clients.
> My concept is the following:
> 1. client connects to server
> 2. client gets serverconnection
> 3. server returns an initialized bundle object (an other one for each user)
> 4. client sends request to this very initialized bundle object (remote)
> My problem is the point 3:
> if I interrogate the bundle object (remote) that is returned by the
> server, both the server and client crashes with
> "NSPortTimeoutException: invalidated while awaiting reply" message.
> I am sure have make some mistake, but what?
> How can the client communicate this bundle object (remote) that returns
> "NSDistantObject" for the [remote class] method?

To reply to my own message, I would like to
communicate with (remote) object to avoid to send
client id with all message.
BTW, it is possible to identify - without sending
it - the sender of a message?

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