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Re: projectcenter editor line numbers

From: Robert Bruce Carleton
Subject: Re: projectcenter editor line numbers
Date: 26 Apr 2006 22:10:17 -1000
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Robert Bruce Carleton <> writes:

> I'm using projectcenter 0.4.3 (HEAD) under FreeBSD 6.0.  Is there a
> way to display line numbers in the editor or jump to a line number?  I
> installed the GNUStep from the ports collection.  Here is the pkg_info
> on the other GNUStep pieces:
> Information for gnustep-1.12.0:
> Information for gnustep-back-0.10.3:
> Information for gnustep-back-art-0.10.3:
> Information for gnustep-base-1.12.0:
> Information for gnustep-gui-0.10.3:
> Information for gnustep-make-1.12.0:
> Information for gorm-1.0.6:
> Thanks,
>                         --Bruce
> -- 
> Robert "Bruce" Carleton

Oops, I found it in the ProjectCenter FAQ.  Use emacs.

Best regards,


Robert "Bruce" Carleton

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