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Re: Missing definition of scm_catch_handler_t while compiling gnustep-gu

From: Ajitabh Pandey
Subject: Re: Missing definition of scm_catch_handler_t while compiling gnustep-guile on slackware-current
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 16:19:43 +0100

On 5/18/06, Adam Fedor <> wrote:
On 2006-05-15 10:34:29 -0600 Ajitabh Pandey <>

> Hi,
> I have guile 1.8.0 installed. When I try to compile
> gnustep-guile-1.1.4, I get the following error. Sorry about the long
> mail.
> What I understands from the output of make is that the problem is the
> following error:
> gg_class.m:418: error: `scm_catch_handler_t' undeclared (first use in
> this function)

I think gnustep-guile has only been tested with 1.6, so perhaps there
was an API change in the new version. We'll have to check sometime

You might be right actually, I checked the code and found that from
libguile.h the line

typedef scm_t_catch_handler scm_catch_handler_t;

is missing in 1.8. Hmm....

Ajitabh Pandey

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