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Setting up under Debian

From: Graham J Lee
Subject: Setting up under Debian
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2006 14:52:22 +0100


I installed Debian 3.0r5 from CD then ran a dist-upgrade from a local mirror, then apt-get gnustep. This is on the i386 platform (specifically it's on a virtual machine running under Parallels Desktop). However, having verified that gdomap etc. are started, and sourced, I now see this:

Error: for some reason, argv not properly set up during GNUstep base initialization

...which appears to be coming from _gnu_process_args() in NSProcessInfo.m. Is this just something I need to configure to get to work, or is the package broken?


Graham J Lee
"Oxford University's UNIX Expert"
As seen in MacWorld UK

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