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Re: Can't bring up the contextual menu

From: mrjoops
Subject: Re: Can't bring up the contextual menu
Date: 24 Oct 2006 10:25:44 -0700
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> > Sent and Draft folders. The application said : "To set up the sent
> > mail
> > folder, bring up the contextual menu on the mailbox list for the
> > folder
> > you want to use...", so as  if I was under GNOME/KDE/Windows, I used
> > the right mouse button but it didn't work as expected (it brings up
> > the
> > GNUMail application menu).
> How about to check "Preferences/Advanced/Enable context menus" ?

It was well hidden ! I'm a bit confused, though. Why do they allow to
disable this as you can't configure it properly without it ? It seems
Thank you a lot.
In a similar way, do you know how to bring up the contextual menu of
WindowMaker when GWorkspace is launched ?

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