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Re: Numerous minor issues

From: Camille Bourgoin
Subject: Re: Numerous minor issues
Date: 08 Jan 2007 12:08:55 GMT
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Le Mon, 25 Dec 2006 13:17:36 -0800, Warren Nagourney a écrit:

> Hello,
>Is there a way to get GNUmail to locally cache mailboxes? It seems  
> that the contextual menus in GNUmail dont work - right clicking on a  
> mailbox doesn't bring up a specific mailbox-oriented contextual menu.

(My menu is in French)

Informations > Préférences : click on the "expert" button in bottom-left
and go to the "Advanced" section, then you must activate the "Enable
context menus".

Excuse me for my poor english ;)

Camille "Mesmento" Bourgoin
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