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OSX Tiger Build Errors

From: Brent Austin
Subject: OSX Tiger Build Errors
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 07:51:06 -0800 (PST)

When I try to build Gnustep via MacPorts I get this error:

Error: Target org.macports.configure returned: configure failure: shell command " cd "/opt/local/var/macports/build/_opt_local_var_macports_sources_rsync.macports.org_release_ports_gnustep_gnustep-base/work/gnustep-base-1.14.0" && ./configure --prefix=/opt/local CC=gcc-mp-4.2 GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES=/opt/local/share/GNUstep/Makefiles --enable-libffi --with-ffi-include=/opt/local/include/gcc42 --with-ffi-library=/opt/local/lib/gcc42 " returned error 1
Command output: configure: error: cannot find install-sh or in /opt/local/share/GNUstep/Makefiles "."//opt/local/share/GNUstep/Makefiles

I'm a novice with a lot of this so any help would be appreciated.

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