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Re: Non-rectangular windows

From: Christian Stieber
Subject: Re: Non-rectangular windows
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2008 09:41:59 +0200
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Nicolas Roard wrote:

IIRC, you are doing the right things: use NSColor clearColor to delete
the background, and sets the defaults for the shape extension. I know
it used to work with the art backend, so it may simply be the case
that the backend you are using (cairo?) does not support this method.
Check if your code works with the art backend, if it does then file a
bug :)

How do I find out which backend is in use /slash/ how do you select
the backend?

I suppose I can set some default (will check for that...), but I'm not
sure how to actually "see" whether that was successful... that's
assuming changing the backend doesn't break anything else, in which
case I should see it pretty soon.

I guess for now I'll just try to make another hack to the library to speed
up things a bit.


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