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DOs, NSConnections, rootObjects, and retain counts

From: Christopher Roberts
Subject: DOs, NSConnections, rootObjects, and retain counts
Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 21:13:38 -0400

Hello, I'm curious about a problem I'm having with a client/server application using distributed objects. I have one server, with any number of clients connecting. The connections all establish fine, and all receive the proxy rootObject perfectly. All interaction while connected is fine.

When clients are connected, and the server shuts down, it invalidates the server connection, killing all client connections. Both sides receive notifications of this event, however, the retain count of the rootObject is not released properly, and thus is not deallocated before the program exits.

Like wise, with the server running, if a client dies, there is a 3 - 5 second delay before the rootObject is released properly. I'm assuming the server shutdown problem is associated with this delay as well. What is causing this delay? This really doesn't cause any trouble with the function of the application, but I'm definitely not leaving it alone until I understand why this is happening.


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