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running gnustep on a free system

From: dan hitt
Subject: running gnustep on a free system
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2011 21:27:40 -0700

I'm planning on setting up a computer with some software and i'm
trying to figure out the OS to use.

I plan this to be a free-as-in-freedom OS.

If i'm planning on using GNUstep, then i understand that the OS will
have to be either gnu/linux or a bsd, and it will have to run x

As a corollary, for now at least, i understand that it will be
impossible for me to run gnustep without also running X11.

If any part of this is false, could somebody please correct me?  And
thanks in advance, i want to be sure that i am acting on an accurate
understanding of the situation.


PS: does anybody use the "simply gnustep" setup?

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