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Re: printf: doens't print on WinXP installation

From: Eric Wasylishen
Subject: Re: printf: doens't print on WinXP installation
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2011 13:20:32 -0600

To elaborate a bit.. I struggled with this problem as well, and it turns out to 
be a quirk in windows.

A windows exe has a "subsystem" property - if it uses the console subsystem, 
printf output will go to the console as you'd expect.  The problem is, if you 
use the console subsystem for a gui app, a console window will open every time 
you start the app.

Likewise, there's a "gui" subsystem which won't cause a console window to open, 
but printf output goes nowhere, even if you start the gui app from a console 

GNUstep-make uses the console subsystem if you build a GNUstep Tool, and the 
gui subsystem if you build a GNUstep Application. So, for gui applications, 
your best bet is to use NSLog and read the output from the event viewer, -or- 
run the application in gdb, and NSLog output will appear in the gdb console.

Hope this helps

On 2011-08-20, at 10:09 PM, engr0123 wrote:

> No need to change anything. Compile as you have done originally. 
> The output can be seen here (I am using Windows XP):
> Go to: Control panel | Administrative Tools | Computer Management 
> Under System Tools, click Event Viewer, and then Application.
> On right side, double click the entry generated by your App. You will see
> your printf of NSLog output at the end of the text that is shown in a
> dialog.
> Alex Bilyk wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Just installed GNUstep on Win XP. Doing the simplest of things with a main
>> function that has printf("hello, world"); in it. Everything compiles and
>> runs, except there is no output to the console. I can step through code in
>> dgb and it goes over this line fine. A bit of a puzzle. Tried to use
>> NSLog(@"..."); version - same result.  App is built and run successfully,
>> but with no printout to the console. Any ideas? BTW, stepping in gdb over
>> the NSLog version has some issues that the printf version doesn't have,
>> but that's a separate topic. I'm really after the printout at the moment,
>> as you might imagine:)
>> Thanks,
>> Alex
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