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[Help-gnutls] What actually works?

From: Oliver Lupton
Subject: [Help-gnutls] What actually works?
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 12:20:36 +0000

Not meaning to come across as rude, but am I (and everyone else who has tried) 
making some basic mistake?
I originally started using gnutls in an attempt to add SSL support to an IRCd 
Beginning with the version I had installed (The debian package was versioned 
1.0.16-14) I tried the examples in the manual, which didn't compile which I 
thought was because of the docs being for 1.3.3 and me having an old version.
I then installed 1.3.3 from source which, while allowing the examples in the 
docs to compile, I couldn't get it to successfully connect using either my ircd 
code, the examples in the docs (the X.509 client and the X.509 echo server (I 
and II)), or the commandline tools gnutls-cli, guntls-cli-debug and 
gnutls-serv. Everything failed with the same error:

Could not negotiate a supported cipher suite (GNUTLS_E_UNKNOWN_CIPHER_SUITE).

Suspecting that my Debian install (with multiple versions on the same system) 
was to blame I tried the commandline tools and my ircd code on another box 
running FreeBSD and 1.3.(2 or 3) and a friend tried the commandline tools on a 
Gentoo box with 1.2.3 with the same result.

Attached are the source files from the docs I was compiling, and the (very, 
very alpha) ircd module.



I will live forever, or die trying.

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