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[Help-gnutls] Re: ex-serv-pgp

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: [Help-gnutls] Re: ex-serv-pgp
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 15:32:00 +0100
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address@hidden writes:

> => /usr/local/lib/ (0xb7f0e000)
> => /usr/local/lib/
> => /usr/lib/ (0xb7cb9000)

Linking to both libgnutls is likely what is causing you problems.  I
don't understand how this could have happened, though.  I have a
/usr/lib/ on my system, but it isn't pulled into newly
built GnuTLS binaries.  Anyone has any ideas how this could happen?

You can debug this further by looking exactly at which commands are
used to link the binaries, there could be some bug there...


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