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IceCat question - forced updates?

From: Robert D. Bowers M.A.
Subject: IceCat question - forced updates?
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2020 12:47:18 -0400
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I am leaving Firefox after using that browser for around 15 years. I was glad that it came out because of the ability to configure it - and escaped from IE (then shortly after went with Ubuntu).

I have three questions that will decide whether or not IceCat is for me or not.

#1, and very important - can I lock IceCat so that it will NOT and I repeat NOT automatically update - it will allow me to choose when to install the update?  (I don't mind at all if it downloads in the background.)  I work from home and having Firefox shut me down in order to do a 'restart' happened once too often - and it's a regular threat.  I've tried everything I could find to stop that behavior, but it won't stop, and it seems that the idiots doing Firefox won't listen and realize that they could put people out of work by THEIR decisions.

#2: How easy is it to migrate all of my bookmarks and so on to IceFox?

#3: I use several add-ons for protection and 'comfort'.  How many of the Firefox add-ons will work (or have been ported over)?

I use Ubuntu 18.04LTS, and have adequate protection on my system - and am careful where I go (especially while working).  However, I cannot have anything forcing me off the internet - I must be the one who makes the decision as to when updates occur!  (I would suggest updating upon shutdown of my system for the night.)



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