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Re: Add exception for site in Icecat 91

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: Re: Add exception for site in Icecat 91
Date: Thu, 04 Nov 2021 18:56:27 -0400

Hi Alexander,

Alexander Asteroth <> writes:

> thank you for this very detailled answer. Somehow the LibreJS icon is
> not shown in my case an when I go to the Extensions/Add-On-Manager page
> in LibreJS it say's:
>> LibreJS/USPS compatibility
>> LibreJS compatible shipping calculator.
> The Icon shwon on the Manager-page is also not the right
> one. Where does that come from? 

That's another extension that we bundle with IceCat, which allows you to
use the shipping calculator without running their nonfree
JavaScript code.  It looks like the LibreJS extension is not working on
your IceCat build.

> Something must have gone wrong here. Right?

Yes.  It sounds like you need to add the following entries to your
mozconfig, and rebuild IceCat:

  ac_add_options --with-unsigned-addon-scopes=app,system
  ac_add_options --allow-addon-sideload

The first line is needed because most of the extensions that we bundle
with IceCat do not include digital signatures from Mozilla.  It simply
means that extensions manually installed in system directories on your
filesystem do not need signatures from Mozilla.  Note that other
extensions that you install via IceCat itself will still require
signatures from Mozilla.  I seem to recall that the second line was also
needed to get our bundled extensions working, at least on GNU Guix, but
I don't remember the details of what it does.

Clearly, we could use better documentation on how to build IceCat from
source code.  Sorry about that.

I should mention that one good option to install IceCat is via GNU Guix,
which knows how to build both the IceCat source tarball and a
self-contained executable bundle that should run on any x86_64 system
running Linux (the kernel).  If you use Guix's binary substitutes
mechanism, you can optionally use binaries built by the Guix build farm.
On my own laptop, I use Guix to locally build my entire operating system
from source code, including IceCat.


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