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Re: Halt Does Not Work on Dell XPS 8300, but _does_ Work in QEMU

From: Jake Thomas
Subject: Re: Halt Does Not Work on Dell XPS 8300, but _does_ Work in QEMU
Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2012 22:37:05 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Jordan and help-grub, sorry for being slow on the draw here; I've been 
occupied by some computer craziness (still am), partially including 

I went to the Savanah site for Grub and checked to see if the bug has already 
been reported. From hanging out at WINE, I know that duplicate bug reports get 
frowned upon. (Speaking of getting frowned upon, I almost forgot to hit the 
"plain text" button again. Phew!)

I found bug #35550:

I am uncertain whether #35550 reports the bug I am experiencing or not because 
I am curious if the bug reporter of bug #35550 used a special debugging 
compilation of Grub to report the error message.

The Grub I'm using isn't compiled with any debugging options and is relatively 
"normal". I don't get any error messages when I enter "halt", but that might be 
because I don't have any debugging options in my compilation.

In other words, at first glance, the bug of #35550 and the bug I am 
experiencing look different because in mine, there is no error printed to the 
screen, it just hangs, whereas in the reported one, an error is printed to the 
screen. But I am wondering if the reported one is having an error printed to 
the screen purely because it possibly is a debugging "version" of Grub. In that 
case they might be the same bug.

So I am asking a Grub expert if that error is spit out only because it's a 
debugging compilation of Grub, and the bugs are the same, or if they really are 

Note: if #35550 _is_ describing "my" bug, then it needs to be re-opened.


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