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RE: legacy-bios and uefi boot usb stick

From: John Frankish
Subject: RE: legacy-bios and uefi boot usb stick
Date: Mon, 15 May 2017 05:41:37 +0000

>> After videoing the screen, I see that the error message is:
>> Error: file '/EFI/BOOT/grub/i386-pc/efi_gop.mod' not found
>> Error: no suitable video modes found
>> efi_gop* is in i386-efi and x86_64-efi, but not in i386-pc.
> efi_gop is a driver for EFI graphics. It is available only in EFI mode, not 
> in PC BIOS mode.
> I guess GRUB PC and GRUB EFI share the same grub.cfg config file which was 
> generated
> for EFI mode and includes an "insmod efi_gop" command.
The idea was to have linux on a usb stick that could be booted with machines 
using both legacy-bios and (u)efi boot and be able to use Xvesa, Xfbdev and 
full Xorg - so yes, the grub.cfg is shared and now, with insmod all_video, it 
works :)

I guess there's still the issue of 32-bit or 64-bit efi, but so few machines 
now use 32-bit efi I'm not too bothered about that.

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