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Re: usb_keyboard not available as a terminal input?

From: Andrei Borzenkov
Subject: Re: usb_keyboard not available as a terminal input?
Date: Sun, 21 May 2017 20:39:09 +0300
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21.05.2017 20:28, Tom Yan пишет:
> So I assume there is no way to use usb_keyboard on 6th Gen or later Intel 
> platforms, because there is not an xhci driver in grub while EHCI is 
> completely gone from their PCH?

You could test Bjørn Forsman patches.

> I tried `insmod ehci` anyway. Interestingly, the grub environment is sort of 
> broken after that, because the disk is gone after the insmod command. Like, 
> before that if I `ls`, it shows "(hd0), (hd0, gpt1), (hd0, gpt2), (hd0, 
> gpt3)"; and after that if I `ls`, it prints a blank new line. (I am on a 
> system that has one single drive which is a USB drive).

Which is correct. Loading direct hardware drivers disables native
platform drivers.

> It seems to me like if I load ehci, the current host controller driver is 
> replaced so grub can no longer see the USB drive it is on. However there is 
> not an "xhci" module, so I wonder what was being replaced.
> And if my assumption is true, why would usb_keyboard not work while the 
> storage drive works?

Because storage driver is using UEFI services by default (or in general
on every platform grub prefers using native firmware to access devices).
Why do you need usb_keyboard in the first place? Does native UEFI
console access not work for you?

> From: Andrei Borzenkov <address@hidden>
> Sent: Monday, May 22, 2017 12:36 AM
> To: Tom Yan; address@hidden
> Subject: Re: usb_keyboard not available as a terminal input?
> 21.05.2017 18:18, Tom Yan пишет:
>> Hi all.
>> So I happened to have looked into terminal_input for a bit (that is, 
>> "console", the default, has always worked for me so far. I just look into it 
>> because of curiosity and possible future use case). I notice that there 
>> should be a "usb_keyboard", as documented  here:  
> GNU GRUB Manual 2.02: Simple configuration
> While adding extra custom menu entries to the end of the list can be done by 
> editing /etc/grub.d/40_custom or creating /boot/grub/custom.cfg, changing the 
> order of menu entries or changing their titles may require making complex 
> changes to shell scripts stored in /etc/grub.d/.
> The file /etc/default/grub controls the operation of.  grub-mkconfig.  It is 
> sourced by a shell script, and so must be valid POSIX shell input; normally, 
> it will just be a sequence of ‘KEY=value’ lines, but if the value contains 
> spaces or other special characters then it must be quoted.">6.1 Simple 
> configuration handling. The program grub-mkconfig (see Invoking 
> grub-mkconfig) generates grub.cfg files suitable for most cases. It is 
> suitable for use ...
>> However, when I run `terminal_input` in the grub shell, I see this:
>> Active input terminals:
>> console
>> Available input terminals:
>> serial_* serial at_keyboard
>> And usb_keyboard is missing.
>> I tried `insmod usb_keyboard` and `terminal_input` again; while `lsmod` 
>> lists usb_keyboard, terminal_input still doesn't list it as an available 
>> input terminal.
> This means usb_keyboard did not detect keyboard. You need to load
> suitable HCI drivers as well (ohci, ehci, uhci) - otherwise usb_keyboard
> has no way to communicate with device.

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