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Re: Towards a customized Grub2

From: Richard Owlett
Subject: Re: Towards a customized Grub2
Date: Mon, 29 May 2017 08:56:58 -0500
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On 05/29/2017 07:42 AM, adrian15 adrian15 wrote:
I cannot help on how to obtain and install upstream GRUB2 to a dedicated
partition. Others might.

Not exactly what you want. Anyways if you want a dinamic menu take a look
at Super Grub2 Disk scripts. You will have to tailor them to do
specifically what you want though.


Not sure if I can readily comprehend that page.
However, I caused be to look at and .
As is, it may be an interim solution. I'll have to experiment with it.
Thank you.

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