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UEFI netboot: grub.efi: Opening `tftp' failed

From: Giovanni Gherdovich
Subject: UEFI netboot: grub.efi: Opening `tftp' failed
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2019 10:37:20 +0200


grub.efi gives me an error during PXE UEFI booting and I'm not sure how to fix
it. My grub.efi has debug messages enabled, since it was built with the
command "grub2-mknetdir --debug-image=all". Here is what it prints on the screen
of the client:

    kern/disk.c:196: Opening `tftp,'...
    disk/efi/efidisk.c:476: opening tftp
    kern/disk.c:281: Opening `tftp,' failed.
    kern/disk.c:295: Closing `tftp'.
    error: File not found
    Entering rescue mode...

I'm guessing the error is from the function grub_efidisk_open in

but if that's true, then from the code of that function is seems like the only
devices that can be opened are floppy disks, cdroms and hard disks. Opening a
device named "tftp" like mine cannot possibly succeed.

The command I used to produce my grub.efi image is the following:

    grub2-mknetdir --net-directory=tftp-gym \
                   --install-modules=crypto \
                   --modules=tftp \

Any hint on how to troubleshoot this further?

Giovanni Gherdovich

PS: Please CC me when replying to this message, as I'm not subscribed to the
    help-grub mailing list.

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