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Basic Info / bootloader nubee

From: Polish, Mark C
Subject: Basic Info / bootloader nubee
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2020 23:09:38 +0000


Is this the right forum to ask basic development questions about the current 
Grub2 code base?

If so, I have two that would be very helpful to know:

1.       I've noticed that using the 'insmod' command from the grub command 
line does NOT call the GRUB_MOD_INIT ( ... ) function, whereas building a 
module into grub at compile time does.  I also can't seem to locate the code 
that actually calls GRUB_MOD_INIT.   Since this function appears to be where 
one is expected to register module commands via 
'grub_register_extcommand(...)', I am unable to use insmod to dynamically load 
modules (via grub.cfg) and then call a custom function, since init is never 
called to register it.  (Note: compiling my module into the core is not an 
option due to undesired side effects and certain constraints)

2.       How do you call another module's functions?  Is this even an option?

If there are other/better resources than this mailing list to find answers to 
these types of questions, please share.

Thanks in advance!


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