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Re: GRUB2 Behavior Question

From: John Little
Subject: Re: GRUB2 Behavior Question
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2020 16:13:51 +1300
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I suggested:

> picking one install to control grub and uninstalling grub from the others

Matt Sickler replied:

> That's not possible since each install are totally independent from
> each other.

I suggest then an independent grub install, on its own partition.  When
I used BIOS/MBR I ended up doing this, after too many grub rescue
prompts.  It would go for years with minimal attention.  I started with
the grub.cfg last generated by grub-install (actually grub-mkconfig) and
pared away the fancy stuff gradually, till there was little left.  The
generated grub.cfg on my Kubuntu 19.10 is 440 lines, and yours need only
be 20 or so.

This approach is suggested by the grub 2 manual:

"those who feel that it would be easier to write grub.cfg directly are
encouraged to do so"

Regards, John Little

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