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Building grub-emu

From: Alexander F.
Subject: Building grub-emu
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2023 20:27:29 +0000
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I can't get grub-emu to build, neither with the 2.06 tarball nor the current git master.

As described in the README, I do
$ ./bootstrap
$ ./configure --with-platform=grub-emu --build=x86_64 --target=x86_64 --host=x86_64 (plus setting some directories because I am on NixOS)

and I get

config.status: linking ./include/grub/i386/grub-emu to include/grub/machine
config.status: error: ./include/grub/i386/grub-emu: file not found

Are there any more options I need to set to build grub-emu? I have already added the --build/--target/--host because the 'i386' made me suspicious.

I appreciate any help you can give


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