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Re: How can use GSASL on Windows

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: Re: How can use GSASL on Windows
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 15:43:26 +0100
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"wangyong zhou" <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello
> I spend lots of time finding a SASL library and I found the GSASL
> But I'm work on Windows platform,and i do not know how to compile it
> Can you give me any help.

Hi!  There are two ways.

1) Cross-compile it under Linux for Windows, using mingw.  You'll need
to install MinGW, see, or if you are using Debian
through 'apt-get install mingw32', and then build GSASL as:

./configure --host=i586-mingw32msvc --prefix=/somewhere && make install

This will install the library to /somewhere, where you can move it to
your Windows host.  You'll typically only need the DLL to be able to
run programs using the library, skip the rest.

2) Build GSASL under Windows using MinGW+MSYS.  You'll need to install
MinGW and MSYS binaries from and then start a MSYS
shell, and build GSASL with as usual using

./configure --prefix=/somewhere && make install

Currently there is no Windows installer available for GSASL, but this
may change -- see how it could look.
The source code for that package is free, so if you need an installer
yourself, you should be able to make one easily.

Good luck,

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