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Re: win32 Visual Studio 2005 project for gsasl

From: Adam Strzelecki
Subject: Re: win32 Visual Studio 2005 project for gsasl
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 21:07:58 +0200

Hi Simon,

Finally I came back reviving my Windows jabberd2 builds. So I got fresh things for you.

First a bugfix:

* gsasl-lib-win32-gnulib-fix-cryptoapi+use-intel-rnd.patch

Attachment: gsasl-lib-win32-gnulib-fix-cryptoapi+use-intel-rnd.patch
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(1) On some Windows systems crypto API required CRYPT_VERIFY_CONTEXT to get generic crypto hook just for random function, this is a fix for some users that gc_init was silently failing making g_hProv NULL and random functions failing too

(2) We shall return an error GC_RANDOM_ERROR too if the init fails (while it now never normally should fail)

(3) We may try using PROV_INTEL_SEC that uses built in Intel safe RND functions (if present) idea taken from Mono project

(...) I now looked more closely how your patch in libidn
worked, and it used a perl script  That approach
seems good since avoids the static config.h which was part of your gsasl
patch.  If you have the time, please use this approach for gsasl as
well.  I don't care strongly that gsasl.h is handled the same way,
having a GSASL_API define is fine, so maybe the
script in gsasl could only for generating config.h.

I'll wait with installing the other win32 related fixes until I hear
from you.

Now Windows project related things:

I reworked my project files so those are now using GSASL_API dll exports, and to produce dynamically config.h in win32/include.

* gsasl-lib-win32-dll-exports.patch + gsasl-lib-win32+vc8-3.patch

Attachment: gsasl-lib-win32-dll-exports.patch
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Attachment: gsasl-lib-win32+vc8-3.patch
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Alternatively to those two here goes old version with .def file:

* gsasl-lib-win32+vc8-2.patch

Attachment: gsasl-lib-win32+vc8-2.patch
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I'm looking towards having those patches in the git repo.

If you decide you use dll-exports please from now on mark all functions with GSASL_API rather than "extern".

Best regards,
Adam Strzelecki |

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