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patch DIGEST-MD5 hashed password

From: Gazsó Attila
Subject: patch DIGEST-MD5 hashed password
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2008 18:30:13 +0200


I am writing a jabber server and using the GNU SASL library for
authentication. I didn't want to store plaintext passwords, so I
created a patch for 0.2.28. I downloaded the tar.gz because I could
not compile the git repository version because of version dependencies
to the gettext package.

This patch essentialy add a new callback type (GSASL_HPASSWORD) which
contains H(username,':',realm,':',password) as a hex string. It can be
conveniently stored in that form in a flat file or a database, that's
why I chose this form. Furthermore I added three helper functions to
digest-md/server.c to make the hex/binary conversion.

I hope that this patch will appear soon in the library, because I
would like to use it on production servers too.

Best regards,

Attachment: libgsasl-0.2.28-DIGEST_MD5_HASHED_PASSWORD.diff
Description: Binary data

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