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Re: patch DIGEST-MD5 hashed password

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: Re: patch DIGEST-MD5 hashed password
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2008 21:01:58 +0200
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"Gazsó Attila" <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello Simon!
> I cannot apply your patch (guess because of indenting lost in
> conversion somewhere), but I made the same changes and sending back a
> patch to the latest branch which I also tested.

Hi!  Thank you, I have applied it.

Btw, you can commit changes locally with git-commit, writing the commit
message, and then create a complete patch using 'git-format-patch
master~1'.  Then I don't have to write the commit message myself.  And
the git-log will look as if you installed the patch.  Just something to
look into if/when you send more patches. ;)

> I don't think there is too much difference between the two ordering,
> but for those who use hashed passwords (which is the Right Thing to
> do) it's one condition less in the code.

Yes, that's what I thought as well.

Hm.  How do you generate the password-hashes?  Possibly gsasl should
contain a utility to do this.  Maybe it should work through the property
API?  What I mean is, that if an application doesn't have a hashed
password, and supply a real password instead, the application can later
call gsasl_property_get (sctx, GSASL_DIGEST_MD5_HASHED_PASSWORD) in
order to get the hashed password that can be stored away until next


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