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RE: error: no SASL backend available out of: gsasl

From: Francis Brosnan Blazquez
Subject: RE: error: no SASL backend available out of: gsasl
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2008 13:25:31 +0100

Hi Tiago,

> I'm a newbie on Linux, and there are a lot of things i don't
> understand.
> Thaks for the help, Francis :)


> But I think i need more.

Ok. But remember to reply to all parties in the message. This will
provide your more help because a copy reaches the mailing list (in this
case the GSASL mailing list). I'm doing it for you.

> So, I already downloaded the last version of gsasl, and  I've made the
> "./configure" (that i do not know why I have to do that, just saw
> online that I must do that), "make" (same as the ./configure) and
> "make install" (i think this one is to install [ahah]).

This is called the "standard autoconf vodoo": 

>> ./configure; make; make install.

Rembember to run ./configure --help to get especific options from the
project you are compiling..

> Then, I've made "gsasl -V" on the terminal and it showed me that my
> version is 0.2.12, and i nedd a 0.2.27 or higher 

This is because your system already has a GSASL installation. Check
which is the gsasl command you are running:

>> which gsasl

This should provide you the path to the gsasl binary you are using
(which should like /usr/bin/gsasl). 

If you didn't provide any additional option to your ./configure then it
is likely your newest gsasl installation is located
under /usr/local/bin/gsasl.

You'll have to configure your environment (PATH variable) to use
binaries from your desired locations. This is a bit long and depends on
your configuration. Spend some time reasearching how to configure this
(it will give you valuable).

> (the english is not my best)


> Thanks for the time and the help.

;-) When you are ready remember to spend some time helping others..

> Starting to like this comunity =D
> Best Grats,
> TdS (stands for Tiago dos Santos)­ 
Francis Brosnan Blazquez <address@hidden>
Advanced Software Production Line, S.L.

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