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Re: GSL installation procdure and linker related problems

From: Francesco Abbate
Subject: Re: GSL installation procdure and linker related problems
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2020 23:02:55 +0100

Hi Simone,

the errors that you are getting are compile errors, not linking
errors. What happens is that Visual Studio needs to locate the header
files like "gsl/gsl_mode.h" but apparently it cannot found them.

Normally you should make sure that you have actually installed these
files and take note of where they are stored. These files are all
provided by the GSL library. Once you are sure about where the header
files are located you should go in the visual studio project and
instruct application about the directory where to find them.

You may follow the instructions here:

I am reporting here the instructions:

------------ extract
For Visual Studio you'll want to right click on your project in the
solution explorer and then click on Properties.

Next open Configuration Properties and then Linker.

Now you want to add the folder you have the Allegro libraries in to
Additional Library Directories,

Linker -> Input you'll add the actual library files under Additional

For the Header Files you'll also want to include their directories
under C/C++ -> Additional Include Directories.

If there is a dll have a copy of it in your main project folder, and done.
----------- end of the extract

In your case it is the GSL library instead of "Allegro" but the same
instructions applies. So you basically have to instruct the visual
studio project (solution)

- where the header files are located (gsl/gsl_mode.h etc, all the
files terminating in .h). This is required for the compilation step.
- where the library is located (.dll or .lib) so that it can be linked
for the final step.

For the GSL library you may have actually two libraries, libgsl.dll
and libgslcblas.dll.

Make sure that you have the libraries, where they are located and
their names and add them into the project as explained above.

Please note that if you downloaded the source code of the GSL library
you will *not* have the libraries to link with. For this purpose you
need to download the pre-compiled libraries for visual studio, for
example using vcpkg.

I hope this will be enough to get you started but I will be glad to
assist you further!

Kinds regards

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