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Elementary Plot, a new C / C++ library for easily creating plots

From: Francesco Abbate
Subject: Elementary Plot, a new C / C++ library for easily creating plots
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2020 15:25:26 +0200

Dear GSL programmers,

I have recently finalized my new Elementary Plot library that let you
easily create and show plots directly from C and C++.

It is published in Github:

and here is the project's homepage:

and the User's manual:

The library works on Windows and on Linux and it offers integration
with the FOX Toolkit. It is the only toolkit supported for the moment.
Work to integrate with wxwidgets is ongoing.

The library has minimal dependencies, what is required is the AGG
library and Freetype library. If you want you can install it in a
blink of the eye using the little library helper ( ) but you don't have to. Otherwise
the build system is based on Meson.

It is a nice library in addition to the GSL library to very easily
plot some data on the screen.

Special note on Windows: the library may work with Visual Studio but I
have tested only using Mingw64 and the GCC or Clang compiler.

As of Mac OSX I am sorry, for the moment it is not supported.

Here a simple example of a C++ application to draw a nice plot on the screen:

The library also as a C API so it can also be used from a C program
like in the following example:

If you are interested you may have a look, I am interested to have
some feedback from other programmers.

Otherwise please consider that for the moment the library lacks some
feature that you may expect. I hope I can improve it over time but for
the moment be patient if it doesn't have a feature you may need.

Kind regards

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