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Guix with Debian GNU/Linux

From: Ni*
Subject: Guix with Debian GNU/Linux
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2015 14:45:03 +0100
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I will soon setup a number of new servers with Debian GNU/Linux.
I decided to run them with GNU/Guix for packages and strip down
the image I get installed as much as possible.
So I have some questions for using Debian Jessie with GNU/Guix:

>From using GuixSD I know that as little files as possible should be
created in /etc. When using Guix alone, is this still the recommended
way of doing things?

What I need to know for a server environment is, if I install tor and
serve non-exit tor relays, will the config be read from the location I
am used to (/etc/tor/) or does it differ? (same about httpd/nginx, etc)

What are things I should look for and be careful about? What can be
removed from the hostsystem, what needs to stay?
Are guix updates handled the same way as they are done in GuixSD
(guix pull ; guix package -u)?

I will the manual before I setup the systems, but I thought asking some
questions before would be better. I am sure some of the questions I have
are answered in the manual.

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