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Re: Running guix on nixos

From: Jeff Mickey
Subject: Re: Running guix on nixos
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2016 11:29:36 -0800
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* Ludovic Courtès <address@hidden> [2016-01-25 00:06]:
> Logs are automatically kept in /var/guix or /nix/var/something (see
> ‘guix build --log-file’), so it may still be possible to retrieve them.

Hm, that command returns empty, and I don't see any logs anywhere. I
wasn't deing detailed enough while working on this, I apologize for
missing the opportunity to debug it.

>> Unfortunately, there is something wrong with how it uses acl, as it
>> warns me every time and then re-builds the world.
> What’s the warning?  That /etc/guix/acl is empty?

It says:

substitute: guix substitute: warning: ACL for archive imports seems to be 
uninitialized, substitutes may be unavailable

And I got an idea while replying to your mail. NixOS sets the
NIX_CONF_DIR environment variable for users, and it looks like the guix
command respects it and places the acl file in /etc/nix/acl.

The guix-daemon however is being launched from systemd, and it looks
like nix doesn't set up those same environment variables for services?

$ sudo systemctl show-environment

Well, fek.

guix-daemon defaults to using whatever guix was compiled with, and as
this is the binary installation method, so it was probably compiled with

I apologize, an environmental mess up.

It seems that running guix on top of NixOS has much more interesting
edge cases compared to my previous arch+guix and debian+guix installs
due to the overlap in functionality of the distros. Those others were a
breeze compared to this.

Is there anywhere I can document putting guix on NixOS from binary
installation? It'd be nice to have a per-distro "how to install guix"
instructions for each's corner case.

Thanks again for your help! And I have got to brush up on my
Esperanto. (Redankon? Dankon ree? Dankon denove? Cxu "cimo"?)

  //  codemac

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