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help setting up guix from source

From: Aleix Conchillo Flaqué
Subject: help setting up guix from source
Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2016 23:43:35 -0800


I've been following Guix from it's initial release and finally found
some time to play with it (actually, second time). I believe both Guix
and GuixSD are fantastic and exciting projects. Kudos to Ludovic and
the rest of the team!

I was trying to make Guix run from the source code, but have found some issues.

First one was this step:

When I run "guix package -i glibc-locales" after setting up the daemon I get:

substitute: updating list of substitutes from ''... 100.0%

over and over. If I make it verbose, I can see things like:

substitute: updating list of substitutes from ''... 100.0%
|   |   substitution of
trying next substituter
|   |   path `/gnu/store/2w1n3ary5sy2z4m094lmw8gjli962l87-patch-2.7.5.tar.xz'
is required, but there is no substituter that can build it
|   |   substitution of
`/gnu/store/2w1n3ary5sy2z4m094lmw8gjli962l87-patch-2.7.5.tar.xz': done
|   |   building of
waitee `substitution of
done; 0 left

It ends up with a big error (log file attached). I have also tried to
install other packages without luck.

Another thing that I tried to do was "guix package -l", but it gives me:

guix package: error: profile
'/usr/var/guix/profiles/per-user/aleix/guix-profile' does not exist

rekado on the IRC says this will be created as soon as I install a
package. May be it should be more explicit in the documentation:

Or may be it could be created when trying to list the generations even
if no package has been installed?

My apologies if I missed something obvious. I believe I read
everything in the manual until getting stuck in these steps.



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