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Re: Guix unmounted my /home, while -i hello

From: guix
Subject: Re: Guix unmounted my /home, while -i hello
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2016 19:27:04 +0100

Here is update on debugging of guix:

- logs are here:

my username is JeanLouis

Here is strace from daemon and dmesg:

when booting, system mounts /dev/sda7 -> /home

I login as root, I mount cryptsetup partition:
/dev/sda8 -> /dev/mapper/protected -> /home

I guess that guix -i hello or daemon -- is re-mounting
partitions, or maybe mounting /home from system on the top
of the system.

I am on Debian GNU/Linux, testing Guix and its package
manager, in order to switch to free GNU operating system.

If anybody can help debug this or change behavior, because
by this behavior, if user is mounted, cannot use guix, on
third system, like Debian, basically it does not work on my
cryptsetup mounted partition.

Jean Louis

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