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guix edit mutt -- with new option, and dependency, how I got it working

From: Jean Louis
Subject: guix edit mutt -- with new option, and dependency, how I got it working
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2016 01:44:47 +0100


I wish to share how I got this working:

I wanted to do command:

guix edit mutt

only that one could not edit the file, so I have saved the file locally.

Andreas Enge pointed that I have to do following:

From: Andreas Enge
To: Jean Louis
Cc: address@hidden, address@hidden
Subject: Re: bug#22970: guix edit mutt -- not working

On Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 12:22:20AM +0100, Jean Louis wrote:
> And I could not save the file in my home directory, and do:
> guix package -i mutt -f mail.scm

As mentioned on IRC, modify the file mail.scm by adding a line
at the end. Then
   guix package -f mail.scm
does "install the package that the code within FILE evaluates to" as
explained by "guix package --help". mail.scm itself does not evaluate
to anything, it just contains a number of variable definitions. By adding
the line, it "returns" the value of the variable mutt, which is your
package definition.

Better yet, use GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH, for instance as follows:
   export GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH=$HOME/guix
Then create the same file layout in that directory as in the source code:
   mkdir -p $HOME/guix/gnu/packages
Copy mail.scm there, modify mutt, then
   guix package -i mutt
will first look for your modified package.

So, I have done that with file:


which is attached.

And I have added, dependency "gdbm" for the option --enable-hcache to
have it working:

 `(("cyrus-sasl" ,cyrus-sasl)
         ("gpgme" ,gpgme)
         ("gdbm" ,gdbm)


     `(#:configure-flags '("--enable-smtp"

Jean Louis

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