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Cannot finish programs in terminal

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Cannot finish programs in terminal
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2016 08:19:38 +0100


I am on Debian and have following packages installed. I am using zsh,
and there was no problem yesterday, today is like this, I run some
program, and I cannot CONTROL-C neither CONTROL-Z and terminal waits for
something very very long time. This happens only 1-2 times with 1-2
commands in terminal, later it gets liberated.

--> which bash

glibc-locales   2.22    out     
zsh     5.1.1   out     /gnu/store/ril6fgdq0h04nkn5g6jlrzshw8rgx637-zsh-5.1.1
hello   2.10    out     /gnu/store/a49zfzc6xr6g20azlpjs8sikj6v5lnkp-hello-2.10
curl    7.45.0  out     /gnu/store/dway5hjn7ywrj7khxfpclyz8rhkq9w5d-curl-7.45.0
guile   2.0.11  out     /gnu/store/5i87jzm90nw8j692y7z1j2qfx16h6ni3-guile-2.0.11
feh     2.14    out     /gnu/store/46sb1xrvfq8v5ag8r3d6kn2vc47s4gai-feh-2.14
gawk    4.1.3   out     /gnu/store/fq02781sfgdky4vws103py5id5nnmxc1-gawk-4.1.3
mcron   1.0.8   out     /gnu/store/67qv6k18b5hi0wdg0rximgpaniaxbqm1-mcron-1.0.8
htop    1.0.3   out     /gnu/store/mml326vm8xv9m0xnklihwi9gi1fkg8zn-htop-1.0.3
lsh     2.1     out     /gnu/store/bdvjfnc96c7b7n08zicdk6iiraa7bm1f-lsh-2.1
xterm   320     out     /gnu/store/mpqidlrl0qcgar0i8q32zxnzalhvyx7h-xterm-320
mutt    1.5.24  out     /gnu/store/15g23gks3xsxgyv4mpp2r5m3hw64m1rm-mutt-1.5.24
pwgen   2.07    out     /gnu/store/hv9bcrs306xihkw8ib4zzhyzdyn5628g-pwgen-2.07
bash    4.3.39  out     /gnu/store/ibpm6n6706yimzr3967krkxi2ibxq5yh-bash-4.3.39

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